My first Alexander teacher was also my cello teacher, Rhuna Martin, who introduced me to the Technique in 1996 when I was suffering from chronic back pain.

I had unsuccessfully tried many different kinds of treatment for my back, and found in the Alexander Technique the first possibility of really learning to help myself and take responsibility for my own well-being. This was an enormously liberating experience - and for me it continues to be a life-enhancing discipline that informs all that I do.

I studied for three years at the Constructive Teaching Centre in Lansdowne Road, Holland Park, and qualified as a teacher in 2000. This long-established and world famous school was directed by Walter Carrington, who trained with FM Alexander in the 1930s , and continued to teach until his death in 2005.

My private teaching practice was in Chiswick for many years, and I taught on both the Teacher-Training Course and Post-Graduate Refresher Courses at The Constructive Teaching Centre until the school left Lansdowne Road in December 2010. Having trained as a swimming teacher and studied with Steven Shaw in the 'Art of Swimming', I also worked regularly during this time with trainee AT teachers who were either learning to swim, or to improve how they swam.

After my training, I did a post-graduate Eutokia training with Ilana Machover, and a paramanadoula training with Michel Odent. I have since worked as a “doula” or childbirth partner for my pupils and I am a member of Doula UK. I specialise in teaching pregnant women in preparation for childbirth.

In recent years I have ventured further afield to look at some of the different approaches to the technique beyond the very sound and supportive school that was my training environment. I have worked with renowned and experienced teachers around the world and have visited training schools in both Switzerland and the United States. I have learnt enormously from these encounters, but most especially from studying with Yehuda Kuperman, John Nicholls, Tommy Thompson and most recently, Ted MacNamara. I have realised that teachers vary enormously in their style of teaching, but that the core principles remain the same in teachers who have thought deeply about the work and have explored it with integrity, creativity and their individual character. I have tried to learn from their example and my own work continues to develop as my understanding of these principles deepens and I see the enormous subtlety and profundity the work has to offer us.

In the Spring of 2011 I moved to Walberswick in coastal Suffolk and I embarked on an MA in Myth, Literature and the Unconscious, which I completed in 2013.  

At the start of 2017, after 20 years involvement in teaching and training in the Alexander Technique, I am taking a teaching sabbatical.  I have decided to stop and give myself the time and space in which to continue to read, think and write.

Apart from my own practice I have taught private lessons at:

Latymer Upper School
The Godolphin and Latymer School
The Green School Brentford, for the London Borough of Hounslow Adult Education

And group and introductory workshops for:

London Borough of Hounslow
School teachers
Medical Students at St George’s Hospital Medical School
Drama students at LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts)