Alexander Technique organisations:

Robert Rickover – complete guide to the Alexander Technique - US based teacher with very comprehensive website, and a useful resource

STAT - The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

AmSAT - The American Society of the Alexander Technique

Mornum Time Press - Publisher of books on the Alexander Technique

Mouritz Publishing - Publisher of books on the Alexander Technique

Alexander Trust - UK based charity for the Alexander Technique

Direction Journal - Australian based journal of the Alexander Technique


Ted McNamara - London teacher

John Nicholls - Teacher, and teacher trainer, in New York

Tommy Thompson - Teacher, and teacher trainer, in Boston

Joe Searby - Oxfordshire teacher

Noel Kingsley - London teacher

Gloria Pullen - Hertfordshire teacher, specialising in horse-riding

Kate Howe - London teacher

Vivienne Ritchie - London teacher

Susanna Scouller - London teacher

Elizabeth Walker - Oxford teacher

Ilana Machover - Teacher, and teacher trainer in London


Art of Swimming - The Alexander Technique applied to Swimming

Doula UK   - The professional body for Doulas in the UK