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Salonica: City of Penates and Lares
An exploration of the nature of a city, and whether it is meaningful to locate cities in a geographical places, or whether they can be better understood as imaginal spaces - the "betweennesses" that connect, memory, imagination and the physical world

20 November 2013

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Elizabeth Walker on Woman's Hour
On 12 June 2012, Elizabeth Walker, the last remaining of F M Alexanders students, gave an interview on Woman's Hour. She is 97

12 June 2012

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The wrestle with words and meanings in the Alexander work
How do we explain what the Alexander Technique is, and can it be done well?

2 May 2012

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Embodied Mind Workshop
Sara travelled to Paris in February 2012 to take part in a workshop with philosphers, neuro-scientists, applied scientists and Alexander Technique teachers at the Centre de Recherche en Épistémologie Appliquée.

5 March 2012

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Upcoming Events for Teachers in the UK
Glenna Batson will be in England during March and April 2012 and conducting workshops for teachers in London and Brighton. Details are listed here.

29 January 2012

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This extract from Saul Bellow's Humboldt's Gift shows sloth in a new light......not so much inactive, more hyperactive

16 January 2012

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