‘I took Alexander lessons with Sara for several years, with the initial desire to improve my posture. However the Alexander technique turned out to be so much more In terms of how you view and interact with you body.  I looked forward to my lessons every week as they proved  to be a valuable and enjoyable part of my week, where I got to relax and step back from everything going on my life. Sara is warm and supportive person who it was a pleasure to work with and helped me view my body in a more holistic way.’

Catherine Edwards

‘Once more, thank you for looking after me so well for so many years. I think I have learnt a lot from you and have enjoyed the lessons very much. You are probably the only teacher who ever taught me anything useful.  I hope all goes well with the move and to catch up with you some time.’

Clive Butler

‘I was drawn to the Alexander Technique because I had read that it improves posture and back-related pain, something I had suffered from for some years following a back operation. I started taking Alexander Technique lessons with Sara once a week over three years ago. I was immediately drawn to her approach of light physical manipulation combined with a areadiness to answere and debate the many questions I had about the Technique – I am one of those people who needs to know what I am doing – and how it can affect our lives for the better.

Within a number of weeks, I felt that my appalling posture was improving and felt lighter and more aware of myself physically. I also realised that I was no longer suffering from my recurrent shoulder and neck pain. After about two years, I dropped to less frequent sessions. I do not believe I am the most disciplined of pupils but I feel that as well as relieving me of physical pain, the Alexander Technique has helped me enormously in questioning, and abandoning to some extent, mistaken and dysfunctional mental habits I hold on to, with the result that I feel a calmer and more self-aware person than I was, a little more able to live in the moment and little less susceptible to always thinking about the end result.

For those who want to explore the Technique with an expert and challenging teach, I cannot recommend Sara too highly!’

Phil Williams

‘A few months after a car crash in which I suffered whiplash injuries, I started getting headaches that were so strong they’d lay me out for a whole day. They were getting worse, and more realised that if this continued I’d soon be unemployable.

I was recommended to take Alexander lessons with Sara. Within two weeks, the headaches and stopped. They’ve stayed away for a year and a half. I’m writing this as a kind of “proof” that the Technique has “worked” for me – but the weird thing is, I think that the “cure” of the headaches isn’t really even the point. It’s just a consequence of something more profound.

I do everyday things differently now – calmly, and more confidently. From taking out the rubbish to meetings with psychopathic Wall Street professionals.... Sara has given me a practical, scientific, intellectual tool for doing almost anything. It’s totally fascinating, and something I’ll keep learning about for the rest of my life.

Plus, I really enjoy the lessons.’

Rupert Howe