When Lauren first came to me for lessons, she was suffering from debilitating RSI in her wrist.  She had already had lessons as a music student, and knew that the Alexander Technique was important for her, particularly when life seemed to be a bit off-balance.  Her RSI improved and she continued her lessons with me for some years.  When she asked me to be her birth partner for the birth of her first baby, this seemed like a natural and thing to do, and I felt privileged to be asked.  I was present at her first birth which she writes about here, and then a year and half later for the birth of her second child which was an altogether easier and most wonderful event.  I largely have Lauren to thank for my decision to train as a birth-partner, or Doula, as this seemed to develop so organically from my work as an AT teacher.

Pupil's testimonial 

‘I have been having lessons with Sara for several years, and when I fell pregnant it was a very natural decision to carry on. Lessons during my pregnancy enabled me to understand and respond to the physical stress of my increasing weight and changing shape. Sara taught me how to relax into my pregnancy at every stage and showed me movement and posture to work with at home.

I made the decision to have a home birth in my second trimester. My hope was for a relaxed but active delivery with as little intervention as possible. Sara offered to be my doula during labour, and until my baby was delivered I couldn't know just how valuable her support would be in achieving this.

Leo is my first baby and was delivered at home after a relatively long labour. Sara was with me throughout where my midwife could not be. During early contractions I moved around with Sara's direction and support, and during later contractions her constant calm reassurance, eye contact and breathing enabled me to maintain a calm focus eliminating any potential for panic.

Although my labour was long, my experience was positive and drug free and I attribute this entirely to my environment and the support of Sara and my partner Tim. I can't thank Sara enough for her support during pregnancy, the weeks leading up to my labour, during labour and since. I hope I am lucky enough to have her support during labour in the future.’

Lauren Bloxham