‘Sara is an inspirational teacher. Highly experienced, she offers clear and insightful explanations and a wonderful stillness that goes to the heart of the Technique. I would recommend Sara to any student - from the complete beginner to the advanced. She is a safe pair of hands, with a deep understanding of and gift for teaching the Technique.’

Juliet Carter

‘Although having had some lessons fifteen years before, my experience of learning the Alexander Technique with Sara was entirely different.  I came to her heavily pregnant, exhausted by two young children and complaining of long term back pain and headaches.   Within a few lessons I was already learning how to alleviate my pain by approaching daily life with more balance and poise.  Sara talked about the technique with such clarity and passion that it wasn't before long that I realised that the many damaging habits that I had acquired through life could indeed be overcome.  In fact I was so inspired by her knowledge and dedication to the technique that I enrolled at the Constructive Teaching Centre to train as an Alexander Technique teacher.  It was there that Sara was one of the key teachers.  Sara continued to work with me individually and in groups  and proved to be an excellent teacher in both contexts.’

Nina Omaar