Paul started having lessons with me on the recommendation of a mutual friend.  He was initially skeptical about the Alexander Technique but held his friend’s opinion in sufficiently high regard to give it a go. Paul was in considerable pain when I first saw him, and very much missed being able to do vigorous work-outs in the gym because of the damage to his back. During his lessons with me, not only did his back improve greatly, but he also started to see how he would have to change some pretty established habits if he was to avoid further problems. I was surprised and delighted when he decided to embark on some swimming lessons with Steven Shaw – an activity he would not have contemplated at all when he started. 

Pupil's testimonial

‘I went to see Sara after seriously injuring my back at the gym. Her Alexander lessons really opened my eyes to the damage I was doing, and taught me how small changes to the things you do every day can make a huge difference to your health. The upshot is I no longer suffer from back pain, and as a result I don’t need the back operation recommended by my GP and surgeon.

It’s not just improving my physical health and transforming my attitude to exercise where the Alexander Technique has really helped. As the lessons went on, I started looking at life through a broader lens. I tried new things that I wouldn’t otherwise have tried, and many of these things are now part of my every-day routine.

I found Sara’s lessons enriching and empowering, and will always carry what I’ve learned with me.’

Paul Randall